‘Greenland’: Film Review

Gerard Butler stars in Ric Roman Waugh's apocalyptic thriller, which was released theatrically overseas and will roll out on Premium VOD in the U.S. starting mid-December. From quarantines to climate change to the Boogaloo Bois, it feels like we’re living in the midst...

Gerard Butler on his break-up and near-career-ending injury

In a very candid new interview, the star reflects on his recent heartbreak and the devastating moment that almost made him quit acting. Having reached the milestone of 50, as well as surviving his motorbike accident and several surgeries, it’s understandable that...

Geostorm to receive black and white re-release

The Gerard Butler-headlined Geostorm is returning to cinemas in a very special edition. In a surprise but very welcome move, Warner Bros has announced a fresh release for its 2017 movie, Geostorm. What’s more, in recognition of the nuances of the movie, it’s confirmed...

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