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Review: The Bounty Hunter

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are warhorses of modern romantic comedy. To be fair, Butler hasn't really done that many, and certainly not nearly as many as Aniston; it's just that it seems he's the go-to guy for a casting director looking for a Manly Man to put...

Movie Review: The Bounty Hunter

Three films into his romantic comedy career Gerard Butler has finally reached “watchable.” With The Bounty Hunter, the bemused Scots leading man comes closer to setting off sparks with his newest leading lady, Jennifer Aniston. Well, closer than he came with...

Lack of creativity handcuffs ‘Bounty’

Apparently, the makers of "The Bounty Hunter" believe in recycling. The plot is familiar as an old shoe: Two hotheaded ex-lovers are thrown together in a dangerous situation with explosive results. The man and woman in this case are...

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