Hunting for a Decent Chick Flick: Bounty Hunter Review

May 5, 2010 | Bounty Hunter Reviews

Milo Boyd, a relaxed and humorous bachelor, is a bounty hunter divorced from the successful journalist Nicole Hurley. Their lives are going well apart, until an accident brings them together again.

The story begins with a scene in which Gerard Butler’s character, Milo Boyd, is unhappily pulling over his car. He notices that smoke is erupting from the trunk and calls out the name of Nicole Hurley, Jennifer Aniston’s character, who then busts out of the trunk and makes a run for it in her skimpy dress and high heels. This title scene sums up the entire movie as a half comedy half chick flick that mirrors each of the main characters.

While the sexy Gerard Butler provides for a humorous yet genuine role in the story, plain-Jane Jennifer Aniston plays a role reminiscent of every other role she has played, in every other chick flick that attempts to appeal to men.
Nicole Hurley is made out to be a sexy and successful woman who is dying inside from loneliness, while Milo Boyd runs around in his jeans and tennis shoes without a care in the world. The whole movie plays up on Nicole’s sexuality and supposed strength that make her the “ideal woman.” Not that her scant outfits help to prove otherwise.

While the stereotypes are too blunt to miss, the rest of the movie provides for a decent film for all types of movie lovers. It contains comedy, romance, and action—and even a few surprises along the way. So, if you are hunting for that film that you and your boyfriend would enjoy, check out Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston in this too funny-to-miss film about the intuition and coincidence in life and in love.

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