Minister Sutanovac on the set with the crew of “Coriolanus”

April 30, 2010 | Coriolanus News, Uncategorized

Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac visited today the crew of “Coriolanus,” which captures the scene in the territory of the Military Museum in Belgrade. Sutanovac spoke with producers of the film and the main protagonists, Gerald Butler and actors Ralph Fiennes who is also the realization of this directorial debut. “I am very pleased that we have helped take this movie, which promotes Serbia and the Ministry of Defence,” said Sutanovac, reminding that the Ministry of Defence in recent years helped in the implementation of a number of film projects in Serbia and will do so in the future. Sutanovac said that it was promoting the whole country, “and all that is good for Serbia, it is good for the Army.” “We believe that such activities, inter alia, contribute to the promotion of military call and we are extremely pleased that participate in them,” said Minister of Defence. Sutanovac said he expects that “Coriolanus” to achieve significant success at film festivals around the world, published on the website of the Ministry of Defence. Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia provided considerable support film Co-produced by companies that are “Coriolanus.” Tanks and howitzers for the shooting were rented from the Army of Serbia and during the recording of them is managed and handled 30 members of the First Brigade of the Army Training Command in Serbia. Director of production company “Hermetof Pictures Živojin Petrovic expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia for the hospitality, help and support they gave during the shooting of the film in Serbia. Slavko Stimac, a local actor who plays in the film, said that the impressions of the recording are excellent, the space to the Military Museum looks fantastic and that is the right choice for the scenes that were shot this day. Producer Gabrielle Tana said that the support of the Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia was of utmost importance. “You’ll see when the movie ends, that we have in terms of production done here, anywhere we could not do so well,” she said. Recording a very dynamic scene in which Coriolanus main character, played by Fiennes, falls into an opponent’s headquarters, whose commander interprets Butler, began on 28 April at the Military Museum and will last until 1 May.

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