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April 29, 2010 | Coriolanus News, Uncategorized

The team of “Coriolanus,” the recording continued yesterday in Belgrade, Kalemegdan. Ralph Fiennes, Gerard Butler, Slavko Stimac, and Radoslav – Rale Milenkovic were shooting scenes at military museum, a fortress in Belgrade was quiet, and passers-by did not know that actors shoot a few dozen meters away from them.

Scottish actor Gerard Butler to break record
From early morning they were actors in the museum. Around the museum it was quiet. It seemed as if nothing is happening. On benches around the museum sleeping soldiers. Only about half the two hours after noon, the museum Fiennes came out with a cup of coffee in hand. A few minutes later, came out and Butler. Little is walked around the museum, and the actors back in and continue recording.

The first week the movie was filmed in Pancevo. Ralph Fiennes also spoke on the record and found the atmosphere to the recording, as well as scenes that were rolling.

– We filmed the battle from the movie “Coriolanus” in a small town near Belgrade, Pancevo. We had to photograph the sites that we could not control because it is on the set were several explosions and soldiers running around everywhere – says Ralph and continues the story of the recording in Pancevo.

Military Museum

– One of my designer, art director Ricky really made an effort to find places and houses that are ideal for shooting scenes, filmed in both new and old, dilapidated houses. On the set a lot of smoke, burning cars, and we jurcali koltovima streets, guns, M4 – says Fiennes and reveals how they made war zone.

– We Reconstruct the entrance of the hotel which was in the yard. And then we attacked the entrance, we simulate an attack on him, and we destroyed it. This we have done in order to create a war zone – said the famous Hollywood actor who was the inspiration for authentic scenes to be found in “Coriolanus” found in a scene from the movie “Saving Private Ryan.” In this film also worked Ricky Aires, art director who works in the “Coriolanus.”

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