Butler in charge of humor at shooting of ‘Coriolanus’

April 23, 2010 | Coriolanus News, Uncategorized

Shooting of the Hollywood movie ‘Coriolanus’ in Belgrade was continued yesterday in the ruins by the old Sugar plant in the vicinity of the KPGT club. The set with George Butler, Ralph Fiennes, Slavko Stimac and Elizabeta Djorevska had a nice time yesterday.

‘Butler is a wonderful and totally charming person. He likes to joke while Fiennes is serious and keeps everything under control’, Djorevska says. She is playing role of Coriolanus mother’s assistant. She says that Butler has seen our movie ‘Charleston For Ognjenka’ in which she plays a role of a girl drinking all the time. ‘He told me to have been recommending that film to all in America. I was glad to hear that’, one of our best theatre actresses says. She is delighted with professionalism of Ralph Fiennes.

‘He knows names of all people, that is simply incredible. He said he liked our names. As an artist he is living this film backwards. At the set he is complete concentration. He listens to you, he watches you and at the same time is developing the next scene in his head’, Djorevska says.

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