Serbian special forces train Fiennes

April 20, 2010 | Coriolanus News, Uncategorized

The filming of Coriolanus, a directorial debut of Ralph Fiennes, is attracting global attention, while interesting details from the set in Belgrade can be found on various movie web pages. Among these are Fiennes’ insight into how he has prepared for the role training with Serbian special forces. Judging by the extent of involvement by film-lovers on various forums, everyone is eagerly awaiting to see Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler star in the latest adaptation of Shakespeare’s play.

Although he has appeared in action flicks before, Fiennes will experience fight scenes in urban conditions for the first time ever, in the preparations for which he has been aided greatly by Serbian special forces and an anti-terrorist squad.

– “The soldiers are fit and ready. They need to have high efficiency in the way they move and act. The members of the special anti-terrorist squad have been teaching me how to move the best possible way, how to assume a position, move alongside corridors and handle weapon. Everything revolves around spontaneous efficiency and plenty of practice. As for me, I’m trying to comprehend the mental process going on in their heads while they are in the middle of a battle and in life-threatening danger,” Fiennes explained the techniques he is employing while preparing for the numerous fight and battle scenes from Coriolanus. Fiennes is used to top physical preparations for a role. He exercised in the gym every day for months in order to prepare for his part in Red Dragon, while he put on 10 kg for his portrayal of German officer Amon Goeth in Schindler’s List.

Besides Coriolanus’ relationship with his mother Volumnia (played by Vanessa Redgrave), Fiennes says a key aspect of the play is the relationship between Coriolanus and Tullus Aufidius, the general of the Volscian army (Gerard Butler).

– “Male rivalry is of key significance for the character of Coriolanus, while Gerard is perfect to convey that terrible threat,” said Fiennes.

The filming of Coriolanus began on 15 March in Pancevo and continues today in Uzicka street in Belgrade, while Gerard Butler is expected to arrive in late April.

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