Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus Blog: Training for Coriolanus

April 7, 2010 | Coriolanus News, Uncategorized

While Ralph has been involved in action films before, this is his first experience of simulating close counter, urban modern warfare. So, in the weeks leading up to shoot Ralph spent time training with the SAJ, Serbia’s prime counter-terrorist unit. Yesterday he told me about his training methods and what he gained from working with the SAJ: “Soldiers are lean and fit. They’ve got to have compact efficiency in the way they move and operate. The SAJ have been teaching me about efficiency of movement, about how to open up angles, the best way to move down corridors, and how best to handle weapons – moving the butt of the rifle from one shoulder to another, for example. It’s about spontaneous efficiency. It’s about drilling. And for me it’s about trying to get close to someone’s mental process while they’re in the heat of battle, in real danger.”]Read the rest of the blog…

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