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April 7, 2010 | Coriolanus News, Uncategorized

Before I go into Coriolanus’ characters and the on-set action, I thought you’d appreciate a closer look at some of the key cast and crew involved in the film. I spoke to Ralph last week and he told me a bit about why he’s chosen them, and I thought I’d give you some background on each one as well. It’s clear from talking to Ralph that he is extremely excited about the team he’s assembled. Not only do they all have an abundance of experience in explosive action films and swords-and-sandals drama but they also have done great Shakespeare adaptations. I’m heading out to Serbia this week end so set updates are on their way, as will be a tour of some of the major locations and the first of a series of posts exploring Coriolanus’ context.]Read the rest of the blog…

Publication: 30 Ninjas
Author: Andreas Wiseman
Source:]30 Ninjas

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