Blade of a Knife: Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus Blog: Exclusive Concept Art and News From His New War Film, Which Starts Shooting This Week

March 18, 2010 | Coriolanus News, Uncategorized

Welcome to the new blog, dedicated to Ralph Fiennes’ directorial debut, Coriolanus. I’m a fan and a friend of Ralph’s and am hugely excited for his film, which is a contemporary version of Shakespeare’s play.

Videos, pictures, interviews, background info, and regular updates will be coming your way from Serbia, where Ralph is starring in and directing the modern-day version of what I think is one of Shakespeare’s most dynamic stories. Shooting starts today, March 17.

Coriolanus is a visceral political thriller featuring devastating rivalries, warring tribes, unbending codes of honor, powerful family bonds, and the toughest warriors imaginable. It is also a parable for our times, reflecting our most urgent political issues, from hubristic generals, manipulative spin-doctors, and guerrilla insurgents to devastating food riots and popular discontent.

Coriolanus is a film for today, about today.
I’ll be talking more about the cast and crew in future posts, but Ralph has assembled a stellar team, including Law Abiding Citizen star Gerard Butler, six-time Oscar nominee Vanessa Redgrave, Gladiator and The Aviator screenwriter John Logan, and Hurt Locker Director of Photography Barry Ackroyd.]Visit and bookmark the blog…

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