Gerard talks Coriolanus

March 5, 2010 | Coriolanus News, Uncategorized

Gerard told me he’s off to Belgrade, where he will star with Ralph Fiennes in Coriolanus.
The film marks Fiennes’s debut as a film director. He has wanted to make a film of the Bard’s great war drama ever since he starred in an Almeida Theatre production at the old Alfred Hitchcock film studios about a decade ago.

Gerard also appeared in the title role when Steven Berkoff staged his version.

‘I’m playing Tullus Aufidius, the general of the Volscian rebel forces. They’re the underdogs and Tullus is Coriolanus’s sworn, hated enemy – but Coriolanus respects him. They have shed blood on the battlefield and there’s an admiration they have for each other,’ Gerard explained.

‘Tullus is totally fearless and I’m getting in shape and having fight training. War’s not supposed to be fun, but I’m looking forward to making the film with Ralph.’

Vanessa Redgrave and Brian Cox will also star in Coriolanus.

On Sunday, Gerard will dress up in another suit as one of the presenters at the Oscar ceremony.

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