Gerard Butler arrives next week in Belgrade

[b]ENGLISH TRANSLATION[/b](thanks to Karmen for the translation) Although some media reported that the Scottish actor Gerard Butler joined the filming crew of Ralph Fiennes on the set of Shakespeare's play "Coriolanus" in Belgrade already during the weekend, the truth...

Ralph Fiennes in Parliament

Using the brief Easter holiday break in the sessions of the National Assembly of Serbia, the cast and crew of Coriolanus spent three days shooting on the premises of the national parliament building. Director Ralph Fiennes will continue the filming on other locations...

Review: The Bounty Hunter

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are warhorses of modern romantic comedy. To be fair, Butler hasn't really done that many, and certainly not nearly as many as Aniston; it's just that it seems he's the go-to guy for a casting director looking for a Manly Man to put...

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