And…we’re back! Happy 20th Anniversary GBdotNet!!

February 10, 2021 | Website Updates

Well, it’s certainly been a year, hasn’t it? The world turned upside down and so did this website. So, we took a break. Thought about it a bit and decided, this website, and its history must go on.

But, we saw it as a challenge to reconstruct things, get a little more organized and be back in time to celebrate 20 years on this crazy ride. So we start with an anniversary logo with the very first photo we were given by Gerry’s management. Look at how young he is!!

A look back reminds us that many friendships started with this site. Some of those friendships will span a lifetime while we said the eternal goodbye to a few friends along the way, but, in the end, we shared the common bond of a passion for the Gerry we all grew to love and admire.  THAT’S what GB.Net was about!

While some features are not yet back, we are slowly merging all the old news back (close to 5000 articles!) and adding back in the long and extensive career portfolio that Gerry has amassed over the last 20 years.  Our gallery will return, but we know there’s no lack of picture sources out there for you all to admire! Along the way, we’re discovering blasts from the past and will be posting them, for some good old-fashioned reminiscing!

As was always our goal, GB.Net will continue to be project-focused with news, details, and photos of Gerry’s past, present, and future projects.

We’ll also be holding giveaways of some of our older collectibles for the die-hard fans to enjoy.

As many of you know, we’ve moved the old Gerard Butler Global Fans forum over to a private Facebook group, still moderated by the unstoppable Maryp! If you haven’t yet submitted a request to join or didn’t get the notice of the move, visit and request a join ONLY if you were a member of the original forum.  For anyone else who would like to connect with other fans, you can follow our public page on Facebook (

So, thank you so much for visiting and we hope you enjoy the return of GB.NET!!

Say hi or let us know what you think!


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