Gerard Butler on Why ‘The Headhunter’s Calling’ Will ‘Get You Off Your A–’ Into a Movie Theater

September 29, 2016 | Headhunter's Calling News, Uncategorized

“The Headhunter’s Calling” director Mark Williams and Gerard Butler dropped in to the Variety Studio presented by airbnb during the Toronto Film Festival to talk about their new project.

The film is about a cocky corporate workaholic (Butler) who gets a wakeup call and realizes that there are more important things than his job.

“You’ve always got to go by the rule of thumb that you just try to keep making good movies,” Butler said. “What is going to make somebody get up off their a– and go to the cinema? So it has to be a good story, but with something else, perhaps that’s cinematic or is going to pull you in as a hook that kind of gets you. That’s what I think about now more than I think you would have in the past when just an interesting story would get you there.”

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