Casting call for ‘Hunter Killer’ extras, Gerard Butler confirmed

March 2, 2015 | Hunter Killer News, Uncategorized

This weekend is your chance to become an extra in a major motion picture set to be filmed in Whittier.
“Hunter Killer,” based on the book “The Firing Point,” will be filmed in Whittier this spring. The movie is considered an espionage thriller involving submarines. Producers say Whittier will be transformed into a seaside Russian town.

Casting Director Lauren Kimball stopped by Daybreak Friday morning to let viewers know about this weekend’s casting call at the Millennium Hotel in Anchorage.

“When they come to the Millennium Hotel, they go to a check-in desk. Two wonderful ladies will be there, very friendly,” Kimball explained. “They will get a short form they will need to fill out and then they will be given a number and go in to a room. I’ll introduce myself and we’ll take their picture and they’re on their way.”

The casting call is Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Turnagain Room on the third floor.

Kimball says applicants only need to provide their name, phone number, email address, age, height and weight. Although not necessary, she says if they speak Russian or have military experience, it could work to their advantage.

“Hunter Killer” will be directed by Martin Campbell, whose credits include the James Bond film “Casino Royale.” Kimball also confirmed that actor Gerard Butler would be starring in the film.

Local production company SprocketHeads, LLC is coordinating the Alaskan hires.

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