Gerard Butler Talks Joining Twitter & Not Being Great at It!

March 9, 2013 | Interviews

Gerard Butler phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to chat about his latest action-packed flick Olympus Has Fallen.
Gerard, who plays secret service Agent Mike Banning and has to save the President from a terrorist attack on the White House, revealed he prepared for the movie by training with real secret service agents!
Gerard shared they trained with former President George W. Bush secret service to get an understanding of how they interact within the White House. “A lot of it is psychological for the subtle movements you would be using in the White House: where you are looking, how you approach situations; as well as a lot of the jargon they use,” Gerard said.
Adding, they also learned the “psychological tactics and what you use against the terrorists to break them down.” Furthering, the action-packed movie’s lead stunt coordinator “was a Navy Seal.”
Along with starring in the flick, Gerard also recently joined Twitter! The 43-year-old currently only follows a mere 38 people and has tweeted only seven times.
So how is the newbie liking the Internet’s bird? “I just started it I’ve been talking with my publicist about the best way to start tweeting, because obviously I’ve never been a tweeter before. I was saying, ‘I just saw a van crash into another van while we were talking should I tweet that?!’”
Follow Gerard on Twitter @GerardButler and be sure to catch Olympus Has Fallen in theaters March 22.

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