Ahlan! Chats to Hottie Gerard Butler in Dubai

November 7, 2012 | Interviews

Team Ahlan! were super excited to catch up with ladies’ man and Hollywood heart-throb Gerard Butler, who was in Dubai for the launch of the Roger Dubuis boutique

Hotness alert! Gerard Butler was in Dubai last night (7 November) for the launch of the Roger Dubuis boutique, the Swiss watch brand that he is the face of. Despite carrying injuries from his latest movie (he hurt his finger on the set of Olympus Has Fallen) he showed us just what trooper he was and totally charmed us. With the help of Virgin Radio’s Simone Heng, we cornered him for quick chat.
Welcome to Dubai, gorgeous Gerard Butler!
Shut up, you’re making fun of me!
So Gerard, what future projects do you have in the pipeline?
I have the surf film Chasing Mavericks coming out in the US this weekend, then I have the comedy drama Playing for Keeps with Jessica Biel and Catherine Zeta-Jones. I was lucky you know because in the movie there was a lot of flirtation and I got the chance to hang out with the girls.
I also have a big action movie coming out called Olympus Has Fallen about an attack on the White House. Very apt for today given the elections. The film is by the director of Training Day and Morgan Freeman is in it along with Aaron Eckhart, it’s been a nice time for me.
We love that you are the face of Roger Dubuis, which watch of theirs are you wearing this evening?
Here’s my timepiece, it’s sizzling. It’s called the Exclailbur and here’s my bust up finger. I hurt it during a fight scene in my last movie.
We know it’s your birthday next week, how will you be spending it?
I am heading home. I just want to spend it with the family.
We obviously love all your films but our fave is PS I Love You. Very girly we know, but we loved your Irish accent in the movie and wondered if you could you give us a quick replay of it, please.
I couldn’t do it then and I still can’t do it now. [Laughs]
Throughout the evening the hunky Scotsman couldn’t help but endear himself to us more. He sipped only water and was very attentive to all the guests, chatting, taking photos and making jokes. He also laughed when clips of his past films showed across the screen, what a guy!
Gerard headed straight from the launch to let his hair down. He was last seen partying with Maradona at Mo*vida. Gerard, we hope you are okay and please hurry back!

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