Gerard Butler arrives at Cannes to talk about Motor City and his ‘soccer’ movie

May 23, 2012 | Interviews, Uncategorized

[i At the film festival in France to reveal all about his latest projects, the Scottish star had his head in his hands when he referred to his beloved football by its more commonly used name in the US…[/i Click here to watch video

At the glamorous Cannes Film Festival, Scottish actor Gerard Butler discussed his plans for the future – including a new “full-out action movie” in which he’s starring alongside Gary Oldman.

There was a great moment of amusement when he referred to football as ‘soccer’ – explaining with a grin that he’s used to talking about the film in the US, leading to using the slightly uncharacteristic term for a Scot!

Gerard was last seen in Machine Gun Preacher, and one of the projects next up is Motor City, which will be directed by Albert Hughes and co-stars Gary Oldman, and starts shooting in September.

He explained: “I haven’t done a full-out action movie since, I may be forgetting myself, but since Gamer. It was 300 then Gamer, and that was a few years ago.”

Gerard added: “Recently I’ve just done a couple movies – one is a soccer film.”

Putting his head in his hands, he grinned and continued: “I can’t believe I just said ‘soccer,’ that’s like forgetting your mothers name or something saying ‘soccer’, but it’s because I’m so used to speaking about this in America.

“If I say ‘football’ people are like ‘What are you saying? Football? American Football?’ So a movie where I was a professional football player, soccer player and then another one where I was a surfer, so they all required additional training.”

Of being in Cannes, Gerard said: “I have film meetings or press conferences, but I don’t have a movie showing.

“When you don’t have a movie showing, it’s kind of hard to be going to see other movies. You can’t really go down other people’s press lines. So you’ve always got to make sure you are playing it politically correct.

“Also I was doing some work with Artists for Peace and Justice, and Sean Penn did a charity function for Haiti. When you come to Cannes you cram in a few things in a few short days.”

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