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December 12, 2009 | Law Abiding Citizen News

Finally, a film that lives up to expectation. Not only it has the action and thrill factors but it also sends a very strong and controversial message. Gary Gray has done it beautifully. Law Abiding Citizen is not violent but merciless with the exception of Darby.

In the movie, after witnessing the corrupted nature of justice in the country’s law system which ended setting the murder of his wife and daughter free, Clyde Shelton, played by Gerard Butler, set out to one take revenge on that man who murdered his family, two to make his point and teach a man a lesson. As violent as it is, I would have to admit that this has to be the best revenge I’ve seen in movies. The best part is that he does it so calmly and filled with excitement.

On top of that, Law Abiding Citizen puts some questionable messages and values to us. If we look from Clyde’s perspective, which represents the normal citizen, we see this corrupted and rotten nature of justice that’s created and defined by state law. However if we see from Nick’s perspective, we see that justice is subjective. Everybody wants their own justice, each of them has the right to have it. Hence there’s a need to have a system to calibrate and balance the level of justice that each citizen can get depend on the amount input — evidence. And like any other system in the world, it’s not perfect. That’s why there’s people like Nick exists to study and understand the system and use if with care. But nobody is perfect thus there bound to be people who take advantage of it. From there, we can comprehend the amount of responsibility that the practitioners carry. It’s all about how you look at it.

It’s awesome to see a movie that makes me wanna babble so much about. My two most favorite scenes in the movie would be when Clyde had his revenge and when Nick and the other guy was asking the spy about Clyde. One is the art of killing at its best and the other is the effect when someone else speak highly of you rather than yourself. The best is the most humble and only the pro can truly understand and appreciate his worth.

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