Gerard Butler Rewards Fans With Premiere Of New Film In Scotland

November 1, 2009 | Law Abiding Citizen News

HOLLYWOOD action man Gerard Butler is heading to Scotland for the European premiere of his latest blockbuster.

The 300 hero will come to Glasgow for a glitzy red carpet bash to open Law Abiding Citizen.

The star appears in the thriller – which took s35million in its first two weeks in the US – with Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.
Butler – who turns 40 two days before the screening – chose the city as a thank you to loyal supporters.

He revealed the news in an internet chat with fans.

He said: “Maybe I will see some of you at the premiere of Law Abiding Citizen because we are having our European premiere in Glasgow.
“Get merry and drink. I wish I could but I don’t. I hope to see you all soon. Have a good time.”

A spokesman for production firm Momentum Pictures said: “It hasn’t been announced officially yet but the premiere will be on November 15 at Cineworld, Renfrew Street.

“It will be something different having him in his home town.”
Butler – who also produced the film – plays a bereaved husband and father who is out for vengeance.

Insiders say Foxx also plans to go to the star-studded premiere.

During his online chat, Butler – who has been linked to a string of Hollywood beauties including Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz – reminisced about his childhood.

Butler was raised by his mum, Margaret, in Paisley after the break-up of his parents’ marriage.

He had no contact with his dad from two to 16. He said: “I came from a family of larger-than-life characters who were a joy to be around.
“They were a lot of jokers and storytellers, a lot of warmth. But it was tough as well. There could be a serious amount of confrontation. My father was probably the craziest and most fun and outlandish of the lot.”
Law Abiding Citizen cost more than s40m and is Butler’s first release through his Evil Twins firm. He added: “We’re working on a movie called Slide about a former baseball player who tries to patch things up with his child and estranged wife.”

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