Counting down to Friday – Law Abiding Citizen finally opens! (Blog)

October 14, 2009 | Law Abiding Citizen News

I’ll give you a moment to take in this intense and alluring poster (ok, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mr. Butler has mesmerizing eyes!). EMPIRE Online just released the UK posters for LAC and boy, this is a much more superior version that the US version here. Looks like they went back to the earlier version that shows GB’s brooding eyes staring straight at you, but improve it immensely. Alas, that’s got to be the worst tag line ever though, sheesh, did they spend all the money on the graphic designer that they couldn’t afford a decent copywriter?? One commenter mentioned it might as well be a Steven Seagal movie, ugh!

In any case, the wait is almost over. LAC opens in three days and I’m EXCITED!! I know, I know, that’s a bit of an understatement… I’ve been bloggin’ about this for months whilst skipping two of GB’s last offerings (for good reasons). The last movie I was excited to see him in was Rocknrolla — decent but wasn’t as rockin’ as the title — but THIS is the movie I’ve been eager to see for quite some time. It also marks his producing debut, so a lot is riding on his shoulders as he’s been involved in the creative process from the get-go.

But from what I’m seeing so far, I’ve moved from hopeful to confident this is going to be one heck of a thriller. EMPIRE said “Gerard Butler always looks more comfortable onscreen when he’s bringing the pain than when he’s bringing the hearts and flowers.” I think more accurately, Butler looks more comfortable when he can be menacing AND vulnerable at the same time. Just like the Phantom, the line between victim and villain is blurred and like the actor himself said in a Fandango interview when asked who’s the villain in the story, “…there is a big struggle with who you are supporting in this film.” That I think that’s the biggest draw of the movie to me, as displayed in this latest clip between the DA (Jamie Foxx) and Butler’s Clyde Shelton:

I’m totally digging the dialog, even his American accent is much improved here (Mike B., I know you might disagree with me on this one). I can still hear a very slight Scottish brogue here and there, but so what, his character could be of a Scottish descent, like most Americans have an accent of sort, there are multiple accents found even in one given state. So that part doesn’t bother me. IMO, he’s still downright convincing as a scorned ordinary man who’s more than meets the eye.

M.Carter at the Movies asked me if I’m excited for this Friday, so Meredith, here’s my long answer =) That’s cool that you’re going to give Butler another shot, here’s hoping he and the movie don’t disappoint!

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