Gerard Butler Says Some Paparazzi Are A Nightmare (Blog)

October 13, 2009 | Bounty Hunter News

Gerard Butler says the paparazzi and the constant flashing of the cameras made it nearly impossible to film the new movie he stars in with Jennifer Aniston – The Bounty coming out sometime in 2010.

“Unfortunately for poor Jennifer, this roadshow comes out all the time, and then of course there were all the rumors about her and I dating, just because we’re doing a movie together, which brought out even more paparazzi. They’ll take 10,000 photographs in one day and wait for that moment where you hug or look at each other in a certain way. Or more individually, there’ll be photos where you scratch your nose and there’s the suggestion of nose picking. You don’t realize it and then suddenly you make that one move and they got you. A lot of the paparazzi are really good people but some of them are a nightmare. They go out of their way to disrupt filming and it’s really sad because you’re there with a crew of 200 just trying to make a living. You’re there for 16 hours a day and you have these guys who don’t care if they’re standing in your shot. If you go over and you speak to them, they’re like, ‘Don’t fucking touch me!’ So you’ve just got to sit there and wait. Or they’ll flash, so the film you just shot is useless. It’s unbelievable sometimes what they do and you’re thinking, ‘This is allowed?’ That can be very frustrating.”

I’m sure I can’t even begin to imagine the frustration. I know a lot of money is spent on the making of a movie and I think something really needs to be done about these people being able to waste time and money like they do with no repercussions as soon as possible.

Until that time any asshole that can act like an asshole because he can with no consequences is going to continue to do so.

Jordasche Bledsoe

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