The Deeper Meaning of The ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ Poster (Blog)

September 10, 2009 | Law Abiding Citizen News

The new poster for the Gerard Butler/Jamie Foxx thriller Law Abiding Citizen has appeared over at Cinematical. The poster depicts Foxx against a mottled gray to white background and Butler against blood red. Both actors look out from the poster, intense, focused and clearly on opposite sides in this story about murder, justice denied and revenge.

Are these just arresting images or visual metaphors or both? Butler against the blood red backdrop is obvious. His character is a man whose wife and child are brutalized and murdered in front of him. Left with what he sees as no choice he turns to violence to exact his revenge on the system and the people in it.

Foxx is trapped in a no man’s land of black, white and gray. He’s the cool rational cog in a legal system that doesn’t always serve up justice, but often settles for the expedient deal.

This looks like an interesting film filled with explosions not only from special effects, but from the two actors who go head to head. It’s a game of cat and mouse gone ballistic.

Law Abiding Citizen opens on October 16.

What do you think of the poster? Are you looking forward to the film?

Publication: Film School Rejects
Author: Robin Ruinsky
Source:]Film School Rejects

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