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I just wanna start off by saying that I’m a big fan of both Crank and Crank: High Voltage. Neveldine/Taylor are two fun adrenaline fueled directors who know how to make a fun enjoyable, HARD R, film. Now, when I first saw the trailer for Gamer I just said, “ugh….another stupid movie thats probably some rip off of Death Race” but then I saw in the credits that Neveldine/Taylor are directing it, and THEN I said, “YES!!!!!!!!!”. Now, I am truly entrusting these two guys with directing and look forward to what they put out, and when I heard Gamer was directed by them I got alittle excited. Now not all expectations were met and I feel the movie was actually tamer than what I was expecting but Gamer still manages to be a fun and enjoyable end of the summer blood fest that if taken less serious, will please many people.

Gamer, starring Gerard Butler, is about this future where a billionaire named Ken Castle, played by Michael C. Hall, has created a game where the players control a real person and throw them into battle. All the people thrown into battle are death row inmates and this is their chance to be set free, only thing is…they have to survive 30 sessions, and most people don’t even make it past 5. But, there is one player who is a near master at this game and he controls a person named Kable (Gerard Butler) and he has made it through 27 sessions! On the way to that glorious 30 an underground group is trying to help Kable get out so they can stop all the madness so people aren’t ALL controled. Mean while, Gerard’s wife is in another game called Society and she is fighting to keep her child while Gerard is trying to fight his way to safety to get back to his wife and kid!

Reall, this movie has all these messages about video games and controlling people and its a sci-fi type movie and its all fine and dandy….but that’s not why most people see a movie like this! They see a movie like this for the VIOLENCE and the BLOOD! and trust me……..It delivers!!!!!!!

Now, the acting in this movie is just okay stuff. Gerard is good and some of the other supporting cast is quite good but then there are the other characters who are just….bad at times. Like Ludacris….he is a rapper, not an actor. But still they all got the job done and kept it believable and Ludacris really didn’t do as bad a job as I thought he would, he was okay.

One thing I really like about these two as directors is that they pay thanks to the person who got them there, Lloyd Kaufman….In both Crank 2 and this movie Lloyd Kaufman has a small/quick cameo and its always great to see what he’s doing. If your a fan of Lloyd Kaufman you will see him aimlessly walking into a gate during one of the sessions! 🙂

Now, lets talk action and blood! MY GOD!!!!! THIS MOVIE IS KICK ASS!…at times :P. Now, there wasn’t as much as I was hoping but what action and violence and gore they have is really kewl and really awesome, and the fact that this movie had a less than million dollar budget for effects made it phenomenal to think about! The movie looks great, and with minimal CGI, from what I noticed, and great action this is sure to please the ones seeking the action.

Since this movie is about games and what not they have some pretty funny jokes to it. This movie is straight up serious and its actually really funny at times. Anyways, some things they add in is stuff like a person crouching and standing repeatedly over a dead body, like their rape it/humping it (which is something gamers do ALL THE TIME to dead bodies :P) and its just the little stuff like that that were funny. And there’s also jokes about people on the other end of the mics…so to speak, like for the Society players, its just…..well EW! A big fat man naked playing a hot chick…..You’ll see!

Now, this isn’t the perfect movie, and its really nothing special without the violence and what not, but its just pure enjoyment, with alittle bit of some boring dialogue. The style that Neveldine/Taylor shoot in looks great and the editing is like watching subliminal messages, its just all fun and you should go check this movie out. I give Gamer a 7/10!!!!

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