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September 5, 2009 | Gamer Reviews, Uncategorized

Sorry for the short hiatus, but here we go again. Today’s selection is none other than the Death Race/Crank-esque film, Gamer. Gamer stars Gerard Butler(300) and Michael C. Hall(Dexter). This movie for me, was a much needed adrenaline pumping, action film with over the top ideas and some very silly moments. I went into this with pretty low expectations considering this movie came from the same people that brought us Crank and its even sillier sequel Crank: High Voltage. I must admit however, that I enjoy anything Gerard Butler is in. He is just a very charismatic actor. That being said, I found this film to be good at times with spots of disappointment. There were scenes of ridiculous and gratuitous nudity and abnormal behavior. I felt like some of the things presented could have been left out. Like Michael C. Hall doing his little song and dance number toward the end. The action scenes are a little choppy at times and its hard to follow in some sequences. With millions of bullets going off around Gerard Butler, its hard to believe his character has survived so long in a game of mortality. The premise of the film is simple. Death-row inmates are controlled by people and fight for their chance to be freed. Live through 30 games and the prisoner earns his freedom. Gerard Butler does his thing as the hero and Michael C. Hall definitely makes you yearn for his demise. The other characters come and go with no one really adding much more to the movie. I would recommend this to anyone who likes Gerard Butler or is looking for a lil’ dose of action in the theatres.

Grade: C

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