‘Gamer’ Movie Was Action Packed,Intense,& Kinda Dirty

September 5, 2009 | Gamer Reviews, Uncategorized

Lionsgate released their action,drama,thriller film this weekend entitled, “Gamer.” It starred Gerard Butler as the real life gaming hero, Kable. The movie was pretty interesting and different,and I do mean different as it explored a weird world of mind control which forced people to do other people’s will. It also got kinda dirty with some graphic adult content.

In a brief synopsis of the movie, Gerard Butler’s character, Kable is part of a group of deathrow convicts who are put in a real life death game called, “Slayers.” The game was invited by Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall) who also invented a virtual world called Society where people on the outside can control the people within the “Society” world to do whatever they want,and I do mean whatever.

In the “Slayers” game,any convict who can make it through 30 sessions gets a full pardon,and then released. No one has come anywhere near that accept Kable who has made it to 29. Kable is controlled by a 17 year old player named Simon who has gotten him this far.

The people are able to be controlled by something called a nanite technology which becomes part of the person’s brain.The person cannot fight it unless the technology is turned off or reprogrammed,somehow.

An intervention takes place before Kable’s last session,which has him take a different direction which leads to an escape from the game. His controller, Simon is convinced to release control of Kable.

After, that Kable escapes,and is made aware of Ken Castle’s bigger plans,and also why Kable was forced to kill somebody through mind control,which landed him in prison,in the first place.

He eventually hunts down his wife,Angie who was also a victim of Ken Castle’s mind controlling technology. He is eventually able to put an end to Ken Castle’s plans with the help of his controller Simon, in a fate-filled ending.

The movie had plenty of action,killing,nudity,and a touch of comedy in it,via his controller,Simon played by Logan Lerman. He was a pretty humorous kid. Gerard Butler kicked butt in the film with some good fight scenes which got extremely intense. Also rapper Ludacris did an ok job of expanding his acting career in the film. He played Humanz Brother who was part of a group that were able to hack Castle’s real life virtual game. Overall, I like the movie,it was pretty unique,and most importantly, I never got bored watching it.

Grade : B

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