Law Abiding Citizen gets a release date

August 1, 2009 | Law Abiding Citizen News

Remember when Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler were painting the town red last winter? They were filming F. Gary Gray’s Law Abiding Citizen and production company Overture just announced that the flick will hit theaters Fri., Oct. 16.

From the press release:

LAW ABIDING CITIZEN is a thriller about a brilliant sociopath (Gerard Butler) who orchestrates a series of high-profile murders that grip the City of Philadelphia—all from inside his jail cell—and the prosecutor assigned to his case (Jamie Foxx) who realizes he is the only one who can end the reign of terror.

After the screening for Butler’s recently released The Ugly Truth, former CP listings goddess Monica Weymouth and I both agreed that the movie’s biggest failure (among many) was he had to speak with an American accent, rather than his natural Scottish one. Come on, guys, don’t detract from the sexy! Maybe Butler’s character wouldn’t have seemed so one-dimensionally misogynist if sounded prettier. I figure he also toned down the brogue for LAC, but maybe hearing Butler pronounce it “woodah” will help the proceedings.

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