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March 19, 2009 | Law Abiding Citizen News

I got my introduction to the world of movie set production this week. I was brought on to the set of “Law Abiding Citizen” staring Jamie Fox and Gerard Butler. The scenic department needed assistance faux painting two action sets on the last two days before filming. The set was constructed in a huge warehouse in south west Philadelphia. both “subterranean” sets were actually entirely free standing wood fabricated structures. All the stone, brick and mortar is made of vacuum formed sheets and stapled into place, our job was to faux it all to look like the real thing.

The gates and cell doors are all brand new iron work and custom made on site, then faux painted to look ancient and rusted. Due to filming requirements, every thing had to be fire proof, so we were strictly limited to water based materials. I never saw any photo reference or sketches on site so I was just making things look as I imagined they should. The schedule was crazy. We started each 15 hour day at 7:00 am with two coffee breaks and a 45 minute lunch break in between. It was the most intensive two days of faux painting I’ve ever done and I’m hooked! I hope very much to be doing more movie painting in the future. To see more of my work please visit

[b] Click on the link above to view pictures of the set Zack worked on. [/b]

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