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March 18, 2009 | Law Abiding Citizen News

Please check out my other entry today regarding a story that is in the same vein of “PS I Love You” The St. Patrick’s Story above this entry. Thanks HughE

Guess what, remember last week when I reported that the casting company wanted a lot of black, high end cars? I spent the week asking folks in the biz if they knew where the filming would be, no one knew and others said they couldn’t tell me. So I did a lot of research, walked around the City looking for street closing signs as I thought 3 days of filming with the black cars, maybe they are going to a museum for a Gala scene, or perhaps a parade, who knew. Guess where they were going and I should have known, especially since I know the subject matter.

They’re filming in a cemetery, historic Laurel Hill Cemetery to be precise. Now I will tell you that I found out from a friend that security is tighter than Fort Knox, and the scene being filmed is deep inside the middle of the cemetery. So if you are one of the fans that wrote me to say you were flying, driving or coming into town to see the filming this week, you might be out of luck. There’s always standing by the gate, but that’s not something I would recommend either, it’s kinda a barren area and I can not vouch for your safety. So I would just recommend you enjoy these photos on the Wireimage site and wait for the next Gerry Update. I guess they know someone in production, but these shots are pretty far away from the action. I will say that this photographer did get really great shots of the Marley & Me filming when they were here last year, so he is top notch, and a nice guy to boot.

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