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March 13, 2009 | Law Abiding Citizen News

After work I took a walk around the City. I thought I would go by Gerry’s hotel just to see if he was there. His car was waiting for him, and you can kinda see the reflection in the door, but I really didn’t feel like waiting for him to come out. Now b4 all you fans flame me, this is acceptable behavior for people in my field, I’m a paparazzi and all the photos I take are paparazzi photos. I do like to shoot across the street so my subject doesn’t even know I am there, but if I am in vocal reach I will ask, but since none of us want to draw attention to where he is staying I believe we both are more than happy to have me out of sight to shoot him.

I decided not to wait, I was cold and well I had a difficult day, remember to keep my sister Judy in your prayers. Today was even worse then yesterday. I can’t possibly bare talking about the misdiagnosis and mistakes made in my sisters case, but women no matter how long you have been seeing your Dr or OBGYN please get 2nd and 3rd opinions, and if you are in the US go straight to Sloan-Kettering and skip those local hospitals or even the ones in big Cities because they all screwed up with my sister and when she finally was diagnosed correctly at Sloan-Kettering IT WAS TOO LATE!

I didn’t even know that Law Abiding Citizen was filming tonight, but as I walked home I came across this car with a parking ticket.

A dresser with a fake cop. At first I thought they were filming in this building, but then I saw two guys with a ladder walking down JFK Blvd. towardsLove Park where I saw the set up
and the van that I have seen photographed that Gerard Butler uses in the film, I looked across the street and saw lighting set ups. OMG they are going to lite City Hall, how awesome. When does that every happen, never. That’s why it’s so great to make a film in Philadelphia.
City Hall lit up. I must have taken about 2 dozen shots of the building. It’s my favorite building in all of the City. I gave architectural tours of the building for about 6 years.

lights, camera ACTION.
ROLLING and there he is sitting in the van. i never did get a good shot of him. Too dark, and what you can’t see is there is a big concrete wall to my left so it was hard to shoot him from the other side.
After about an hour, I really just needed to go home and collapse. It’s a little chilly in Philly this week, so I don’t know if Gerry will be running around too much. I know I will be seeing Jamie Foxx on Sunday at the Beat 100.3 Music Convention in Philly. Next Monday – Wednesday is a big film set somewhere in Philly, probably in Center City as they have a lot of cars in the production. All week I have been receiving loads of emails from fans, but none of them want me to share their stories. All I can say is the fans are seeing Gerry and Gerry has received them well. I have seen the videos on YouTube and I think Gerry appreciates his fans. And again, in NYC it’s out of control, and not as polite, I don’t think it’s a problem at all.


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