Actors help out Film Office

March 3, 2009 | Law Abiding Citizen News

The Greater Philadelphia Film Office brings film projects to the area, hoping to steer civic pride and a few bucks into the area.

Saturday night, movie folk came to the aid of the film office, helping to bring in nearly $20,000.

The top-liners of the film Law Abiding Citizen – director F. Gary Gray, producers Lucas Foster and Alan Siegel, and actors Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, Michael Irby, Bruce McGill, Leslie Bibb, and Colm Meaney (and spouses) – broke bread with nearly two dozen Philadelphians at a $1,500-a-couple fund-raiser. Among attendees were Laurada Byers and Michael Sanyour; Stephen Starr and January Bartle; Mark and Susan Forker; J.P. and Susan Cummins; Garrett Brown and Ellen Shire; Christina Lurie; and Mayor Nutter, his wife, Lisa, and daughter, Olivia.

Saturday was Olivia Nutter’s 14th birthday. Before the film office party, the three Nutters were front and center with designer Nicole Miller at “The Bellevue Gets Engaged,” a bridal show at the landmark.

Publication: Philadelphia Inquirer
Author: Michael Klein

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