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Scottish actor GERARD BUTLER was so wild in his youth he was convinced he would die young.

The RocknRolla star gave up alcohol in his mid-20s because he would go off the rails when he was drunk.

And his behaviour was so outrageous that he feared he would end up dead.

Butler tells British magazine Marie Claire, “I was totally wild. I would headbutt walls, punch walls. I was a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. But I could also be Mr Entertaining – people would say, ‘You’re hilarious!’.

“But I definitely had a suicide wish. I once woke up in Paris at 4am, five miles from where I’d been at a party. I had gashes to my head, my face, my arms, and I had blood all over my clothes. To this day, I don’t know what happened.”

Publication: Daily Express
Author: Editors
Source: Daily Express

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