Frank Darabont To Shoot LAW ABIDING CITIZEN In Philadelphia

August 27, 2008 | Law Abiding Citizen News

Frank Darabont’s next film, Law Abiding Citizen, will be shot entirely on location this fall in Philadelphia.

The story centers on a string of murders taking place across the city being masterminded by psycopathic genius who is locked behind bars. Gerard Butler will star as the prosecutor responsible for the psychopath’s incarceration who is racing against time to stop him.

Exciting news for those of anyone who is a follower of Darabont’s work and for any film fan living in the Philadelphia area. And if you’re like me, someone who lives in the Philadelphia area and is a fan of Darabont’s movies, it is a double win!

Philadelphia and the surrounding region has certainly seen its fair share of film and television production recently, with numerous smaller projects as well as bigger productions like M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening, which was released this past summer, and the upcoming Marley And Me, Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen all having used the area for location shooting. Looking towards the future, Shyamalan is currently planning on shooting his next film, Avatar: The Last Airbender, in the area and talk continues to circulate about a full-fledged production studio being built in the near future.

We’ll keep you posted on the production as the fall rolls on.

Publication: FilmBuff Newsreel
Author: Rich Drees
Source:]FilmBuff Newsreel

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