Cannes Film Festival Update – Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen (Blog)

May 19, 2008 | Law Abiding Citizen News

Ooooh so no updates today with the ‘usual’ stuff, so I thought I drop a quick note about the script I just got done reading (haven’t analyzed it yet) but it’s Gerard Butler’s (300, Phantom of the Opera) new picture Law Abiding Citizen by Kurt Wimmer.

I gotta say, it was pretty thrilling stuff. A nice crime noir in the vein of Northside 777.

It did kinda bug me that it was obviously set in LA but was switched to Chicago and Wimmer decided not to fix the problems. i.e. he mentions the ‘mountains’ of Illinois on several occasions. As someone who grew up in Chicago for nearly 30 years, I can tell you the tallest ‘peaks’ in Northern Illinois are the landfills. It really is about as flat as it gets. My sister lives 70 miles from the city and if you stand on top of her house or in the second story of her house and it’s not smoggy, you can see downtown Chicago perfectly.

Other than that, if it’s not done hokie and they keep it gritty and cutting it could be a great shit kicker.

OK, we’ll see if I am handed anything to do tomorrow. If not, I should be able to get back to some ‘normal’ posts.

Until next time….

[b](Thanks to mjbooklady)[/b]

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