January 6, 2005 | Misc/General Career News

WE saw celebrities struck by tragedy, triumph, true love and scandal last year.

From the untimely death of Superman Christopher Reeve, to Colin Farrell’s reported romance with Angelina Jolie and U2’s massive new album.

But what does 2005 have in store for the stars?

Ireland’s leading clairvoyant, Sarah Delamere Hurding, gave the Irish Mirror an insight into the future of the rich and famous with her fascinating predictions.

Sarah, 40, has been a practising psychic clairvoyant since 1986.


THERE will be mega success for G4 following their X Factor appearances.

Louis Walsh has stumbled upon another gold mine here. The judges are all correct – G4 are set for superstardom.

They have landed on their feet and their star will shine bright much longer than Steve’s.

And of course we still have to wait and see what Tabby comes up with.

Not that much I think, though the duet with Ozzie will go down a storm.

In my opinion Tabby needs to reform Petronella, they were cool and could make a go of it second time around.

Sharon is on to a good thing with Cassie in particular.

This girl had the best female pop voice in the competition, and she has a definite career in the West End, if nothing else.

Wait and see, Sharon will be proved right over time and she has a point about Steve. I’m sure the X Factor team will be back next year, though Posh is a likely replacement for Sharon.


A PREGNANCY dilemma for Jordan and Peter and a wedding with photoshoots following every development.

Jordan’s blind baby’s sight will continue to improve.

Andre has taken the child to heart and is genuine in his intentions towards Katie.

Nicole Kidman and Bing will surprise everyone with their connection

Another child for Zoe Ball and Norman Cook, their marriage is definitely back on track.

Madonna and Guy also seem to have another baby on the agenda.

As we have seen there is another baby for Posh and Becks on the way and I still sense a girl for them, so if this wee fella (due March 17 or 18) is male, there must be one more to come.


KYLIE is not in a hurry to waltz down the aisle, though her current beau is definitely her soul mate.

Her new musical phase will continue to lift her career into the stratosphere.

Her tour will be a great success, though may be stopped short in its tracks.

There will be pregnancy news soon enough, which will precipitate a wedding.

Amanda Holden has found her dream man, she can expect a happy and productive marriage. She has finally put the heartache of former husband Les and lover Neil Morrissey behind her.

Unfortunately, Brian and Kerry won’t reunite, and I don’t think PR guru Max Clifford has any chance of getting them back together.

But really it is better for Kerry if she can focus on her career and her family to get over the heartache.

One thing is for sure, the saga of Brian and Kerry will continue to play out in the tabloids for the next 101 years.

As for Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie oh yes, yes, yes. A very orgasmic union.

Engagement for Samantha Mumba and Sisqo, this one is serious.


MANY changes to come in the U2 camp, the upcoming tour will take courage and tenacity.

The current album How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb will break all records and represents the pinnacle of their career.

Though they never disappoint, this album has all the hallmarks of a classic.

The song Vertigo will prove to be one of their most momentous too, for reasons yet to be revealed.

There will be another two U2 babies in the next two years and another three in total.

Westlife continue in their new sophisticated phase and shouldn’t try to be hip or pop any longer.

If they stay in the suits all will be well.


BUSH will no doubt focus his attentions on Iraq and we will get a sense of deja vu as the question of WMD surfaces once again.

This time, however, it will have some substance to it, as Iran is further along in the arms race than Saddam ever was.

George Bush is in serious risk of assassination if he gets even more trigger-happy in the Middle East.

Let’s hope things are not allowed to get out of hand before Hilary Clinton brings a breath of fresh air to the White House in 2008.

Tony Blair looks OK for the third term, though he won’t complete it as he pledges. Gordon Brown will be the man to take over 18 months into the new term.

Bertie’s popularity will rise once again as love and friendship bestows a new lease of life.

The issue of divorce may arise, but estranged wife Miriam will also have to find happiness in the arms of an old friend.


CECELIA Ahern’s novel career continues to flourish and she can expect all of her books to top the bestsellers lists.

Her writing will mature and develop over the next three years and she will get another book deal.

The film of her first novel will be a great Hollywood success.

Bono’s wife Ali Hewson will see success with her new clothing range and elevated international status as an independent business woman and charity campaigner – though she needs to quit worrying about Sellafield.

It won’t ever happen and in fact will be used in positive ways for fuel and energy production for Ireland in the future.

This big worry becomes a blessing in disguise for the people of Ireland and Britain.


[b WATCH out for Gerard Butler as the new James Bond, though personally I would love it to be Ewan McGregor.

Butler is all set for major success in Hollywood I sensed this when I worked with him on the old Guinness ad.[/b

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Publication: The Mirror

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