Attila (2001)



During the waning days of the Roman Empire, the barbarian Huns are making their way toward Europe. A warrior named Attila (Gerard Butler) violently assumes Hun leadership and unites the warring clans under his banner. But this is not enough for him, Attila seeks to form an empire, and he sees Rome, bristling under the leadership of the incompetent Caesar Valentinian (Reg Rogers), ripe for the picking. In an attempt to quell a Hun invasion, ambitious Roman General Flavius Aetius (Powers Boothe) attempts to form an alliance with Attila against their mutual enemy, Visigoth King Theodoric (Liam Cunningham). But this plan backfires, and it soon becomes clear that a violent showdown between all three armies awaits.



Gerard Butler … Attila the Hun
Pauline Lynch … Galen
Steven Berkoff … King Rua
Andrew Pleavin … Orestes
Tommy Flanagan … Bleda
Kirsty Mitchell … Honoria
Jonathan Hyde … Felix
Tim Curry … Theodosius
Janet Henfrey … Palcharia
Liam Cunningham … King Theodoric
Rollo Weeks … Young Attila
Kate Steavenson-Payne… Lydia
Richard Lumsden … Petronius
Mark Letheren … Thorismund
Jolyon Baker … Mundzuk
David Bailie … Shaman
Powers Boothe … Flavius Aetius
Alice Krige … Placida
Simmone Mackinnon… Ildico
Reg Rogers … Valentinian
Isla Fisher … Cerca
Finbar Lynch … Valorus
Gabija Jaraminaite… Verona

Director: Dick Lowry
Writer: Robert Cochran




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Filmed on location in Lithuania by Alphaville Prods. in association with Attila Prods. and USA Cable Entertainment. Executive producers, Sean Daniel, James Jacks, Caldecot Chubb; co-executive producer, Michael Joyce; director, Dick Lowry; writer, Robert Cochran;...

‘Attila’ Is Slashing, Burning Fun

There's television, which calls for clearing your throat and speaking almost respectfully, and then there's TV. "Attila" is TV, a foolishly watchable, old-timey trash wallow with Roman baths, grunting battles and barbarian beauties. It's dumb Hun fun from the USA...

The Hun Also Rises: A Bloody, Boffo ‘Attila’

Oh Attila the Hun was a very fine Hun, a honey of a Hun was he. He pillaged and he plundered and he ravaged and he sacked but 'twas never never late for tea. Perhaps you remember that wee little rhyme from your youth. If so, you had a very strange upbringing, because...


"Attila," a two-part, four-hour drama airing tonight and Wednesday on USA, is hardly a Hunney of a show, but it's worth a look if you're in the mood for swords, slashing and spectacle. Partly reminiscent of historical sagas such as "Braveheart" and "Gladiator," this...

Epic ‘Attila’ takes liberties but entertains

Attila the Hun is off on a four-hour race to build himself a Western empire. To see what makes Attila run, cable's USA is the place to be tonight and Wednesday. It's a big step for USA to bring this epic warrior tale with a big international cast (filmed in Lithuania)...