Afterburn (TBD)



Afterburn is based on the graphic novel of the same name, which is set in the aftermath of a massive solar flare that destroys the Eastern Hemisphere, turning it into a wasteland filled with mutant creatures. The comics follow a team of treasure hunters who brave the wasteland to retrieve various valuable items.

Butler will play the team leader, and the story finds him taking his team to Paris to nab the Mona Lisa.

This project is in pre-production.



Gerard Butler … Jake

Director: Byung-gil Jung
Writer: Scott Chitwood (comic), Paul Ens (comic), Christian Gudegast (revisions), Matt Johnson (screenplay), Tommy Wirkola (screenplay)



Gerard Butler’s Passion Project Afterburn Is Finally Being Made

Gerard Butler will finally get to make his passion project Afterburn, a post-apocalyptic adventure based on the comic of the same name. Gerard Butler’s long-held passion project Afterburn is finally moving ahead. While Butler made an impression in the early stages of...

Jung Byung-Gil To Direct Gerard Butler In ‘Afterburn’

Original Film, G-BASE and Endurance Media are setting action director Jung Byung-gil to helm the Gerard Butler-starrer Afterburn. The film is eyeing a late summer production start from a script by Matt Johnson (Into The Blue). Jung made a splash at last Cannes with...


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