This Intense Gerard Butler Thriller Has Overtaken ‘Blonde’ as the #1 Movie on Netflix

October 2, 2022 | Last Seen Alive News

One of the most highly-anticipated films of 2022 was Blonde—a Netflix drama based on the Joyce Carol Oates novel of the same name, which tells a fictionalized version of Marilyn Monroe’s life and stars Ana de Armas (Knives Out) in the lead role. And although the film met a mixed reception (including from PureWow) upon its release, it still managed to sit strong at the number-one spot on Netflix’s most-watched movies list from the day it premiered. That was, until a new movie just overtook it.

The Gerard Butler-starring thriller Last Seen Alive has just moved into the top spot, nabbing the crown from Blonde.

Last Seen Alive was directed by Brian Goodman (Black Butterfly) and it follows a Gone Girl-esque plotline. In the movie, a man named Will Spann (Butler) is driving his wife to her parents’ house when he stops at a gas station and she mysteriously disappears. However, when he alerts the authorities about it, he becomes one of the top suspects.

“You know, I have to ask you: how’s your marriage?” Detective Paterson (Russell Hornsby) says to him in the clip. Of course, it looks as if the film sets up the mystery so you’re not sure who to believe.

And to make matters worse, we learn from the clip that Will’s wife, Lisa (played by Jaimie Alexander), asked for a divorce right before their trip. “I think we need a break,” she says. “I don’t feel anything anymore.”

In addition to Butler, Alexander and Hornsby, the movie also stars Ethan Embry (Sweet Home Alabama), Michael Irby (Barry), Cindy Hogan (Boy Erased), Bruce Altman (Mr. Robot), Jordan Salloum (Oldboy) and Dani Deetté (Ozark).

We’ll have to check this one out and see if it matches the hype.

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