Gerard Butler-Led Action Thriller ‘Kandahar’ Set for 2023 Theatrical Release

September 21, 2022 | Kandahar News

The film was penned by Mitchell LaFortune, and is based on his personal experiences as an intelligence officer working during the Snowden leaks.

It was announced today that Open Road Films has acquired the North American rights to Kandahar, an explosive action thriller starring Gerard Butler. The film is now set for a 2023 theatrical release. Kandahar comes from G-BASE, Thunder Road, Capstone Studios, and MBC Studios.

Kandahar tells the story of Tom Harris, played by Gerard Butler, an undercover CIA operative who finds himself stuck in hostile territory in the country of Afghanistan. When his mission is exposed, Harris will have to find a way to fight his way out of an increasingly perilous situation. He will do so alongside his Afghan translator, who will help him reach an extraction point in Kandahar, all while dodging spies and foreign enemy forces who are attempting to hunt them down.

The film’s screenplay was written by Mitchell LaFortune, and is based on his own personal experiences as a military intelligence officer working during the chaos of the Snowden leaks. Because of this background, the film will offer a different and unique perspective on the firestorm that occurred in the midst of Edward Snowden’s intelligence leaks in 2013.

The new film acts as a reunion for Butler and director Ric Roman Waugh, who previously directed Angel Has Fallen and Greenland. In addition to Butler, the film also stars Navid Negahban, who previously starred in Homeland, 24, and Legion, as well as Ali Fazal of Victoria & Abdul and Death on the Nile, and Bollywood star Elnaaz Norouzi. Travis Fimmel is also set to appear in the film. Kandahar was shot in the AlUla region of Saudi Arabia, a location perfect for setting the mood for Butler’s intense new thriller.

Of the new film, Tom Ortenberg of Open Road Films said, “’Kandahar’ is an adrenaline ride made for the big screen. Gerry, Ric, the G-BASE team and Thunder Road have outdone themselves with this pulse-pounding actioner that our team is looking forward to bringing to audiences everywhere.”

The film’s director Waugh added, “[w]hat made Mitch LaFortune’s visceral script so compelling and unique for me is its authenticity and how he humanizes not just our heroes, but all the characters portrayed in a region that’s been locked in a perpetual cycle of violence.”

Along with the announcement of the film’s theatrical release, a new photo from the film was also released showing Butler in his role as Tom Harris. In the photo he stands with his translator in the desert and looks rugged and worse for wear. But this, of course, only gives us a glimpse into the new film, which is set to hit theaters sometime in 2023. No exact release date has been announced.

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