Gerard Butler fraudsters use fake passport and driving license in online scam

February 5, 2021 | Misc/General Career News

Fans have told the star fake forms of ID are being used to dupe people into believing they are speaking to him.

Gerard Butler fans have raised concerns after an online scammer has used a fake passport ID to dupe social media users in private messages.

Fans have even tried to contact Gerry directly after being sent photographs of his passport, driving license and other forms of ID on social media platforms.

The Hollywood star, 51, who was born in Paisley, has warned fans before about people imitating him online and told them to ignore it.

He wrote a social media post in December 2019 saying: “Hi everyone – this is a list of my official and only social media accounts.

“If anyone reaches out to you on the internet saying that they are me by email or otherwise, ignore them.

“I do not have any personal accounts. You will only hear from me right here.,,”

However the scam has resurfaced with fraudsters creating convincing copies of Gerry’s American passport, a driving license and even national ID card which they have then sent to people in a bid to extract money from them.

Australian fan Meredith Boswell wrote a message on Twitter to the real Gerard Butler, saying: ‘Passport with your face and stats being passed around. I have contacted you before on such matters want to start taking notice or just look in mirror for ever.”

Fellow fan Michelle Landry wrote: “Its really sad how many people are claiming to be you. I’ve had at least 7. They sent me pictures of your ID a passport picture and all end up asking for money. I laugh..”

Talking of one corrupt site, another Twitter follower said: “I’ve been contacted by a so called fansite on Insta, who later revealed to be the real Gerard Butler – they even sent me a fake passport. I just toy with them for a little bit, but I feel the need to share the profile with you. It’s gerardbutler4_life.”

Another added: “Did you know that one of these freaks sent me a photo of Gerard Butler’s passport, I still have the photo on my phone …”

Someone else said: “I constantly have to block Gerard Butler! Pain in the a**e. Constantly wants money for a passport.”

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