The Male Box – Gerard Butler

April 1, 2011 | Interviews

Star of Dracula 2000

age: “Thirty-one. My goal for this year would be to continue tasting some of the success I had in my 30th year. I loved it.”

scot free: “I love to get back to Scotland [my home]. My mother and I like to go walking through the hills, right into the middle of nowhere.”

name game: ” I don’t like how Americans shortened my name. Everyone says Gerry. Even my mom, who for years called me Gerard, now she calls me Gerry.”

dream come true: “When I was 15, I dreamed that I was in this fantasy movie Krull. I was in love with the princess in it. When I awoke I was like, OK, I have to be an actor. That’s what gave me the kick in the butt.”

dress code: “One minute I think I’m the best dressed guy in town; the next minute I think I’m a tramp. My style is kind of messy and casual, but it has an element of coolness to it. Some people just throw on a T-shirt and jeans, and that’s all they’ve got. I think that’s kind of boring.”

breaking from the law: “I’m inspired by fear and a deep wish to break from the ordinary. I’ve always been terrified of being mundane. That’s why I was a bit of a mess as a lawyer. I just kept thinking, Is this it? Is this what I was supposed to do?”


Publication: In Style
Author: Lisa Simpson

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