‘How to Train Your Dragon’ is well trained

March 25, 2010 | How to Train Your Dragon Reviews, Uncategorized

I had quite a time trying to train my dog when he was a young pup. Finally I gave up and called a dog trainer. Curiously, the trainer spent more time “training” me and my wife than Champ. Go figure.

So when it comes to training a dragon (assuming you have one as a pet) you can imagine what challenge that might entail — flames bellowing, fangs gnashing, talons flashing. What’s more, learning to fly one is quite difficult I’m told.
Source of my information about dragons is the new DreamWorks animated movie aptly titled “How to Train Your Dragon.”

More an entertaining story about a boy who befriends a ferocious young dragon than an actual training manual, it was based on a 2003 children’s book of the same name.
Set in the time of Vikings, the story introduces us to a teenager who lives on an island where fearsome dragons abound. Doing battle with these fire-breathers is a way of life for its Norse inhabitants.

But all that changes when brainy young Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. (voiced by Jay Baruchel) comes across an affectionate dragon that he names Toothless. His brawny father (Gerard Butler) and fellow tribesmen don’t understand Hiccup’s plea that humans and dragons can live together in peace ?EUR? and they declare war on the menacing beasts.

That doesn’t go quite the way they expect.

Sure, there’s a moral here. But you’ll enjoy the animated ride almost as much as your kids will.

You’ll recognize Jay Baruchel’s voice as the nerdy guy from the recent comedy “She’s Out of My League.” And Gerard Butler from the recent comedy “The Bounty Hunter.”
America Ferrera (“TV’s “Ugly Betty”) is the boy’s love interest. Craig Ferguson (TV’s “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”) is a grumpy warrior. And Jonah Hill (“Superbad”) steps in as the smelly, mean-spirited competition for the girl.

There’s plenty of action in this made-for-3D charmer. You’ll come away believing in dragons. And wish you had one to train.

Author: Shirrel Rhoades

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