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December 3, 2009 | Law Abiding Citizen News

Law Abiding Citizen

Action, Drama, Thriller all compiled into one package is what you can apprehend from the new film spotlighting the gloriously talented duo of Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler.
Soon after a plea arrangement is met by prosecutor Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) to set free the cruel killers that took away Clyde Shelton’s family, the law abiding citizen that Clyde prides himself to of once been acquires justice into his own hands and begins to viciously hunt down the killers. Once Clyde has eradicated his first victim (in the most gruesome and saw related way) he is cast to jail, behind bars and imprisoned he still has a schemed way in which he can take out anyone involved with the plea from the confinements of his own cell.
Its clear that Gerard Butler is rapidly becoming as popular and as cool as people like Daniel Craig (James Bond), His recent performance in the non stop action film Gamer proved him to be one of this years coolest action characters. Lets not forget the gritty 300 where his acting can at least be stated as powerful, these factors alone have sky rocketed him to a respected level of fame.

I attended the cinema believing that after the first ten minutes this would be one of those films where if you’ve seen the trailer you’ve seen the film, Fortunately I was wrong. To start with the combination of Gerard and Jamie connects beautifully, keeping you fixed to the screen throughout the entirety. Sometimes your find yourself laughing, and sometimes your find yourself launching right out of your seat, thanks to their outstanding chemistry. Second, this film has an admiring personality, its unexpected and not what you assume it will be like, and that’s superb, its what the audience needs, not another tale where we can instantly define bad from good. Third and finally if you’re a fan of director F. Gary Gray (A Man Apart, The Negotiator) your be pleased to note a step up in creative talent by the man, you will find yourself redeemed that he can still assemble such superior projects. I will conclude this review by leaving you with a haunting quote from the mouth of Clyde Shelton himself “Its going to be biblical”, and it sure was! Check it out.

Publication: Fan the Fire Magazine
Author: Andrew Dex
Source:]Fan the Fire

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