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September 4, 2009 | Gamer Reviews, Uncategorized

I think the title says it all. Gerard Butler puts in a scarily good performance. At some points in the movie, you don’t know if he’s being controlled or being himself. The direction is especially good for a movie like this. Action movies can leave lots of plot holes or they can get lazy with the directing, but this one is pretty complete. For those that are unfamiliar with this plot, Butler plays a human being controlled in video game fashion in a real gaming environment. Sure, the plot sounds cliche and done before, but this movie adds a few more twists than you expect. This is more than just a movie that appeals to nerds who love gaming. There is complete action, a pretty good storyline and a non-pretnetious protagonist. There’s nothing fantastical about the movie. It’s straight forward and in your face. Michael C. Hall, whom many of you know as Dexter, pulls off the kid you love to hate, but just can’t pull yourself from his charm. That might have something to do with you guys knowing him as Dexter. Kyra Sedgwick (Closer) is annoying and you do wish she would die (maybe you’ll get your wish), but overall, the performances are pretty good for an action movie. You’ll like the movie if you’re an action fan or a video game fan. It’ll suspend your reality for roughly two hours. Ludacris does play in this, but his performance is probably the worst. It’s passable, but annoying. Go check it out. This movie gets an 8.

Publication: Today in SciFi
Source: Today in SciFi

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