Gerard Butler Can Count to 300 ,,, But Only Once (Blog)

September 5, 2008 | 300 News

The Toronto Film Festival has begun, and that means big stars in huge press conferences. Among them is Gerard Butler, who was fielding questions about his new flick, the Guy Ritchie caper RocknRolla.

Of course, he wasn’t just answering questions about that film. Superhero Hype! asked if Butler has been updated on the rumors of a 300 follow-up. The talk is that the movie will get another chapter, although Zack Snyder hasn’t specifically said whether it will be a prequel or a sequel. Both options have their merits, to be sure.

Butler, however, doesn’t seem to be making reservations for another night dining in hell.

“I’ve heard some backroom chatter, but nothing more, so I don’t know if it would be a sequel or a prequel,” Butler responded. “I don’t want say anymore than that, because I really don’t know. I haven’t read anything. I can’t see it myself–sequel for me absolutely not, but I just mean the idea generally, I’m really not sure which way they would go with that.”

He sounds skeptical, and as a guy with his marquee appeal and ability, I can understand not wanting to be The Spartan Guy for another half decade of his career, which will arguably be the prime of his career. As he said, a sequel wouldn’t work for him, although I think in terms of the story it’s probably more interesting than a prequel – where do they go from that battle forward?

Obviously, because 300 was such a success, it’s naturally a prime target for the franchise tag, but with Zack Snyder’s growing clout, he may be able to avoid a bad sequel (or prequel) if it’s not coming together and move forward with other things.

Publication: Get The Big Picture
Author: Colin Boyd

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