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Not content with snagging the most handsome actor Britain has to offer, the 23-year-old’s film career has got off to a flying start with roles in Layer Cake and Alfie. When it comes to fashion, her unique style has seen her on hundreds of magazine covers, including Vogue. It was a close call between the reigning queen of cool, Kate Moss, and new girl on the block Sienna. But the New Yorker shone through.


She shot to stardom after winning Big Brother 5, and revealed she’d become a hooker to pay for a sex change. Taking it all in her stride, the transsexual released a single, A Little Bit Of Action. OK it may not have been a hit, but it came with an entertaining video. She’s now starring as a mermaid in panto and has a Latin dance workout video due in 2005. There really is no stopping her. All that’s left for her to do is fulfil her burning ambition to be a Bond girl. At this rate, she’ll probably do it!

FLOOSIE: Abi Titmuss

She came into the public eye as John Leslie’s girlfriend. When he was involved in several controversial sex scandals, Abi, then a frumpy nurse, stood by him. Since then, she has gone on to present sex programmes, shoot her own raunchy calendar, was a hit on Hell’s Kitchen and is regularly splashed across lads mags. Milk it while you can girl and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

COMEBACK QUEEN: Sophie Anderton

The former drink and drug addict pulled out of the TV show The Farm in the hope she’d be asked to jet off to the Aussie outback to appear in I’m A Celebrity and it paid off. We saw the fun side to Sophie and it seems the stunning model has put her troubled past behind her. She’s now living life to the full with her nightclub owner boyfriend Mark Alexiou.

LUSCIOUS MAN: Leonardo DiCaprio

My man of the year has to be the lovely Leonardo. I had the pleasure of meeting Leo when I interviewed him for The Aviator. The star turned on just enough charm to have me hanging on his every word. The movie is up for eight Golden Globes and 30-year-old DiCaprio is in the running for Best Actor. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for him.

LOVE RAT: Darren Day

He’s done it again, this time blowing his previous love rat antics out of the water by doing the dirty on former Hear’Say singer Suzanne Shaw while she was eight months pregnant. In the past, he was to wed actress Anna Friel but then got engaged to Corrie beauty Tracy Shaw instead. He then dumped another fiancée, dancer Adele Vellacott, for Suzanne. How he has managed to snare such an impressive list of beautiful women is beyond me. What is it they say about leopards and spots?

PARTY ANIMAL: Britney Spears

No one does it quite like Ms Spears, or should that be Mrs Federline? Her wild side has seen her walk down the aisle in a baseball cap and torn jeans to marry friend Jason Alexander just for the hell of it. That lasted just two days. Now she’s happily remarried to Kevin Federline, but she hasn’t calmed down. Here’s to many more entertaining Britney moments in 2005.

CHARMER: Natasha Bedingfield

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Nat on a number of occasions this year and she was nothing but charming. She’s a huge talent and her album Unwritten has been constantly in my stereo. The 23-year-old is in for a storming 2005.


The ultimate pop icon’s Re-Invention Tour in September saw her perform 56 sell-out shows. Yes, the Queen of Pop is still topping up her never-ending pot of dosh, this time by making an impressive £70m. It just goes to prove we still can’t get enough of the ultimate star.


This year, she stepped out with Jordan’s ex, Scott O’Sullivan, scribbled REAL across her boobs and took on the role as Loaded’s sex therapist. But it’s in the area of fashion that this girl really sticks out like a sore thumb. Who could forget the three belts covering her most private bits at the FHM Woman Of The Year party. The girl clearly just wants to have fun.

CELEBRITY COUPLE: Jordan and Peter Andre

Their eyes met over a plate of witchetty grubs and the rest is history. The I’m A Celebrity lovebirds have proved their critics wrong by spending a blissfully happy year together. Their TV show was interesting viewing and their relationship has gone from strength to strength. They’re now planning a fairytale wedding to rival that of Posh ’N’ Becks. Rumour has it that a grand castle is involved, plus the longest wedding dress train in the world. With Jordan, bigger is always better.



SCARLETT JOHANSSON She’s only just turned 20 and already the stunning blonde actress has Hollywood eating out of the palm of her hand. This year she graced our screens in Girl With A Pearl Earring and the superb Lost In Translation. She’ll be around for many years to come.

[b GERARD BUTLER The 35-year-old Scot has been around a while but surely his time has come having snared the lead role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s screen version of Phanton Of The Opera.

The next Bond anyone?[/b

Publication: The Mirror
Author: Sam Mann

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