‘Law Abiding Citizen’ Trailer Blows Up All Over You (Blog)

August 14, 2009 | Law Abiding Citizen News

Overture Films has released the first trailer
for their upcoming thriller Law Abiding Citizen, which stars Gerard Butler as a man out for revenge. The trailer begins with an incredibly derivative story — a man (Butler) is an upstanding family man whose wife and daughter are brutally murdered. But when one of the two killers strikes a deal with a hotshot Philadelphia prosecutor (Jamie Foxx), he takes the law into his own hands.

At the point in the trailer, I wasn’t sold. Sure, Gerard Butler could use a good role to show off his dramatic chops — we haven’t seen any of that since The Phantom of the Opera — but it was just such a generic premise. Then of course, as you will see in the trailer below, the movie explodes into a complex thriller akin to a Bourne movie. That’s what really hooks me. Gerard Butler goes from wounded man desperate for justice to super-spy bringing down the walls upon the establishment. Sign my action-loving ass up.

Directed by F. Gary Gray, Law Abiding Citizen is scheduled to hit theaters on October 16, 2009. You can check out the trailer in HD over at

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